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Monroe or Hank? - fallenace - 04-10-2012

Who is the better sidekick? I like Monroe better with his comedic relief.

RE: Monroe or Hank? - scooby90 - 04-12-2012

I like Monroe

RE: Monroe or Hank? - mieksta - 04-24-2012

that's a tough one, both are funny both have saved his life. They sorta make an effort to make them pretty even it seems.

RE: Monroe or Hank? - GrimminFlorida1 - 01-02-2013

Both are great characters and side kicks for Nick. I think Monroe has a little bit of a lead. He's more in tune with everything that happens.

RE: Monroe or Hank? - De_Silsky - 02-04-2013

I think Monroe is the best character of the show..

RE: Monroe or Hank? - pale boy - 02-27-2013

No option for both?

I like them both. Monroe is fantastic and Hank has just started (finally!) to come into his own as a character.

RE: Monroe or Hank? - bookofknowledge - 02-28-2013

both are cool but Monroe is way cooler

RE: Monroe or Hank? - Martyr - 03-02-2013

(02-28-2013, 04:26 PM)bookofknowledge Wrote: both are cool but Monroe is way cooler

RE: Monroe or Hank? - RebeccaMatthews - 03-03-2013

I'ma fan of both. Monroe because he's got first hand knowledge of the Wessen world. Hank because he's Nick's cop partner and can help him.

RE: Monroe or Hank? - Zobgeist - 03-07-2013

They're both great characters but Monroe can be hilarious